'RISE' Shaila Prospere with MS1 Project 2018

Rise is written and performed by Shaila Prospere. It has been released on the MS1 Project UK based production team brothers DJ Blue Mike Harrison and Geo George Harrison. Rise forms part of their multi artist album due for release in 2019....Rise was in Autumn 2018 and is available via the links below.

release date 21st june 2019 

The “Changes”  sampler is a multi artist offering with artists known and unknown. The sampler is a taster from the forthcoming “Changes” album from the MS1 Project due in late Summer 2019

Changes Sampler artist Info

Track 1. “World Tour” features SEANQ an US artist/songwriter/producer who will be launching his own solo material this year.

Track 2. “Sugar You, Sugar Me” (Karma Mix) features Jerome Vintage an artist in his own right who has released two albums to date in the US. This track was originally released as a single in 2017, but has been given a new lease of life for this project

Track 3. “Just Because” features the multi-talented Deli Rowe who some people may be familiar with already. She has collaborated with a number of other artists as well as releasing her own material via her Liberated Soul imprint.

Track 4. “Crazy Day” features JnR who has previously appeared as part of a boy band. His father is a songwriter/session singer who has worked with the likes of Smokey Robinson, Jody Watley, Celine Dion and Alexander O’Neal just to name a few.

TTrack 5.“MS1 Jam” This track features the veteran UK artist/producer Everis who Is well established in the UK R&B/Soul, scene and has over the years released a number of singles and albums to date.


Release Date 1.11.2019


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